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20704 Cordill Lane
Spicewood TX
Booth: 118

Company Description:

In the heart of Austin Texas, the BBQ capital of the world, GrillToolZ was born!

A family owned and operated business that understands quality and craftsmanship.

We build products that stand the test of time. Each tool is handcrafted from 100% Stainless Steel and hand-finished. This attention to detail sets these tools apart and produces a product that you can be proud of. All our products are proudly made in the USA!

Give the gift of craftsmanship and let the next generation share the legacy.

The broken tool that started it all! One day when getting ready for a family BBQ, I was cleaning out my Big Green Egg. I had the standard BGE ash tool and used it all the time for cleaning out the ash and removing the grate. However, on this day, it broke…. The little piece of sheet metal was only tac welded onto the rod with a single weld and it gave way. Cleaning out a grill or smoker without one of these tools can be a big problem. I just happened to have some Stainless Steel bar in my garage and I figured I would build my own ash tool. So after a few hours of cutting, grinding, heating the steel with my oxy acetylene torch and finally bending. The first tool was born! Of course, we needed to add some upgrades. To start, how about a bottle opener? Sure! Next a grate lifter and a nice contoured handle. How about a nice heavy piece of stainless steel that will handle years of use. You got it…. The original GrillToolz Fire Tool was made.

Show Specials:

Free engraving at the show.

New Products

Cast Iron Pot Lifter, Tongs, Spatula, Grill Fork, Trivet, Grill Press, Fire Tool

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