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Show-Me Products/Pro-Selections/and Triad Aer.
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Show Special for the Triad Aer proffessional Air Purification Sustem for your home or office.
use code: "Home Show" and save $300.00 off the regular price until Christmas.

Show Specials:

Show special. Use code "Home Show" to save $300.00 off the price of the New Triad Aer v3. Code is good until Chrismas.

New Products

Check out the NEW SHIELD AER! It is a "wearable" portable air purifier. Wear it like a necklace when you are Shopping, Travelingm in crowds or even outside. Shield Aer "REPELS" particles such as Viruses, Mold, Allergins, Smoke, Pet Dander, and Germs. It c

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Triad Aer v3. Will cover up to 3000sqft Home or Office. It has 4 technologies to clean and purify your air. Breathe Better, Sleep Better, Feel Better!
Wearable Air Purifier. Portable,rechargable (USB), holds a charge up to 28 hours, creates "CLEAN AIR SPACE UP TO 4ft!
Portable and Wearable Air Purifier.<br />Ionic Particle Repelant. Up To 4ft coverage.
Gripstics are a must in your home. These bag sealers are "air-tight, water-tight, and keep your foods Fresh.
Collapsable Silicone Containers. Save up to 60% of your cabinet/Refridgerator space because they can collapse down when you store them!


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