Xtreme Water Solutions LLC

Xtreme Water Solutions LLC
New Braunfels TX
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Company Description:

Established in 2015 Water was founded due to the lack of consumer awareness regarding questionable residential water quality.

While serving our mission to educate and supply the water softening / RO and filtering needs of communities Texas, Xtreme recognized the industry’s lack of innovation and the lack of product selection. In order to improve the standard of living, we took it upon ourselves to develop technologically advanced systems that used more efficient filtration media and smart valves to enhance water quality.

Ultimately, we are dedicated to improving our clients’ lifestyles with next-generation Enhanced Water Refining Systems and Whole House RO that improve the standard of living within the home. This principle is validated by certifications from stringent third-party agencies and standards bodies. Xtreme's priority is to help elevate our customers’ comfort, health, and safety through sincere service.

We pride ourselves in surpassing 3rd party quality control and certifications.

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