The Benefits of a Glo Dome

Feb 4, 2020, 21:06 PM

The 40th Anniversary of the San Antonio Home & Garden Show is right around the corner, and this year is a special one when it comes to design and innovation in homebuilding and travelling. Glo Domes, a company that we are excited to host, is on the cutting edge of architecture, comfort and entrepreneurship!

A Glo dome is a geodesic structure that minimizes the use of materials and maximizes your ability to set it up and establish it in any environment. Since its shape is both conducive for withstanding the elements and giving the best views, a Glo dome can be used to take glamping to the next level, for durable year-round accommodations, for outdoor events and more.  The unique style and design of these buildings has some great benefits when it comes to both homeowners and enthusiasts:


  1. Energy Efficiency: Did you know that the sphere is nature’s most efficient shape? Building a structure in a dome shape uses less materials and exposes less of your structure’s surface area to the outside elements. Going green was never so easy!


  2. Wind and Snow Resistant: There is a reason that Glo Domes were created and thrive in the Rocky Mountain region! Since dome structures have fewer flat surfaces, wind and other elements move around and settle more evenly around the structure rather than face forces flush against a flat surface. Some dome structures can even withstand hurricane-force wind depending on the situation and building.


  3. Crowd Pleaser: With the dome being underutilized in the building market, choosing a dome-style structure or house is a guaranteed way to promote your uniqueness to those around you! If you are looking at Glo Domes as a potential rental property opportunity, there is nothing that would set you apart and generate buzz more than a dome-shaped property.


From bare bones domes to a fully outfitted lodge or event space, Glo Domes can be there every step of the way. Join them on the main stage on Friday and Sunday as they share their emerging brand!